Some art and concept art of Chat

Who is a Cant

Uhh. . .

You might be able to date him some day


An album art I made for the ost to a game I never finished

The game was going to be a murder mystery visual novel similar to games like Danganronpa and YTTD

Of course I didn't realize how much effort it takes to write one of those haha


Around October of 2022 I participated in the "Beans Game jam"

A jam held by a friend of mine, of which the goal was to just have fun and finish a game for once

I made a short little OFF fangame/shitpost called "OFF Epilogue"

I've been told the writting is decently funny, but that's for you to decide

You can check it out here

I've technically never publically released it, at least not on anywhere that it would get widespread attention

Also PS: remember to save

It's really short but some people have had to restart because they forgot to save


An image I made to poke fun at NFTs

It's ninten from mother 1 (as an nft)

. . .

Yeah, that was the whole joke haha


Anthony from final delivery but edited to look more like the batter from OFF

I made this as a joke for someones profile picture somewhere at their request

I don't think they used it though. . . Oh well


Another little gif made for a project that never got past the concept phase

He can fly when he plays the banjo

Also I think the government trapped him on the moon or something I guess


Albert Einstein but better.

Or maybe it's worse if he's exposed to discord idk

An enemy I made for a short rpg maker game I was going to work on

I never really got started on this project so it wasn't much of a loss

Other than this enemy,

I mean look at those glorious legs!!



Shaggy and scooby but they are little pixel dudes :D

Made in tandem with a song that I did with a friend of mine which can be found here


Old art I made for an "antihack" of earthbound some friends and I were working on

The hack was cancelled (obviously) but you can still find the remnants of it here